Akademie Mont-Cenis in Herne

aerial view Akademie Mont-Cenis


Akademie Mont-Cenis at night

lateral view

corridor in the inside

view from the inside through the glass facade

interior view

pools in the inside

structures in the inside of the glass shell

building with a glass roff in the inside of the Akademie Mont-Cenis

detail of the ceiling

Akademie Mont-Cenis


Mont-Cenis-Platz 1, 44627 Herne


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perraudin architectes
Jourda architectes
HHS Planer+Architekten AG
(structural design)
Schlaich Bergermann und Partner
(structural design)

Entwicklungsgesellschaft Mont-Cenis GmbH

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Akademie Mont-Cenis

Situated at the heart of the Herne district of Sodingen on the site of the Mont Cenis pit demolished in 1978, in the course of the Internationale Bauausstellung Emscherpark (IBA 1989-1999) an unusual complex of buildings developed which now accommodates the NRW ministry of the interior’s further education academy and a number of municipal facilities.
A 176m long, 72m wide and 15m tall gigantic glass shell is borne by timber framing and embraces the individual structures with their various functions. The academy aside, there is also a library, the district hall and a civic hall.
With its waters and tropical-nursery-like palm trees, the weather-proof green interior of the shell with its Mediterranean micro-climate can be experienced as an outdoor area, as it were.
To avoid overheating, the individual roof and facade elements can be variably opened.
The roof with its huge solar panels does not only serve as a sun shade but also as a solar power plant and at 750,000 kWh p.a. generates more than double the building’s own consumption.

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