LWL-Museum für Archäologie Herne

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LWL-Museum für Archäologie Herne


Europaplatz 1, 44623 Herne

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LWL-Museum für Archäologie Herne

The Westphalian museum of archaeology’s exhibits attest to our region’s human history. Structures, materials and joining principles were chosen that provide most protection by simply means. Solid structures, enclosed by soil, provide the best conditions for a constant climate.
The urbanistic environment led to the idea of creating a “green centre” right in the middle of the Herne city centre, combining the Westfälisches Museum für Archäologie, Kreuzkirche (a church) and Herner Kulturzentrum to form a Kulturgarten (cultural garden).
The entrance building, at Kirchplatz, connects the city level with the lower main level of the museum, which is aligned around lowered yards. Two exhibition rooms, standing out because of their double height and natural light, rise from the underground and mark the building’s special character.
All exhibition rooms form a connected one-level complex of rooms and can be used separately or in combination.

Brick Award 2004 – Die beste europäische Ziegelarchitektur (Wienerberger GmbH), Anerkennung
Architekturpreis NRW 2004 (BDA NRW), Auszeichnung

Author: Architekten BKR
Last changed on 07.07.2008


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