St. Fronleichnam

Düppelstraße 25, 52068 Aachen

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Architekt Rudolf Schwarz
Architekt Hans Schwippert

Kirchengemeinde St. Fronleichnam

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St. Fronleichnam

St. Fronleichnam was built in 1930 according to plans by architects Schwarz and Schwippert.
The "MODERNE KIRCHE" (modern church) St. Fronleichnam is mentioned in all books on church architecture. For the time of its construction, it was both revolutionary and an example. The plastered box with a side nave and a campanile, the parish house and the chaplainry were built as one complex.
The contemporary neighbours had no objection to the church that for its bright white colour and cubic shape is now colloquially called St. Makei, a cottage cheese. However, the church authorities showed much initial resistance. Originally, Aachen was part of the archbishopric of Cologne. Until the turn of the century there was a regulation that churches had to be neo-Gothic in style. With St. Fronleichnam, the newly developing Aachen bishopric had the most modern church.
Like the other buildings, the church is a reinforced trussed building. The beams were highly visible inside.
The two-storey cubic plastered building is lit by finely patterned square windows of various sizes.

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