Ehemalige Zoobrücke

Forsthausweg, 47057 Duisburg

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Architekt Egon Eiermann
Architekt Sep Ruf

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

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Ehemalige Zoobrücke

Originally designed for the Expo 1958 in Brussels by Egon Eiermann and Sep Ruf as a pure steel structure, the pedestrian bridge in Brussels served as an access route to the German Expo pavilion built on a slope.
After the Expo, the bridge was rebuilt across the A3 motorway as a pedestrian bridge to link the two parts of the Duisburg zoo on either side of said motorway. When the new zoo bridge was built in 1997, the Expo bridge was dismantled and rebuilt about 1km south of the zoo, again to cross the motorway.
When the motorway was widened, the bridge was also extended by a cantilever beam. The bridge is a suspension girder bridge with an original span of 36 and 21m respectively.
The pylon bearing the cables stands 50m tall, angled below the footpath. This structure allows it not to have one rope level right in the middle of the footpath. Instead, the rope harp’s cables are fixed on one side of the 3m wide footpath. The bridge’s characteristic yellow paint and dynamic design make it a landmark along the motorway.

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