Neue Wallfahrtskirche St. Maria, Königin des Friedens

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pilgrimage church Neviges “Maria Königin des Friedens“

Elberfelder Straße 12, 42553 Velbert

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Gottfried Böhm

Erzbistum Köln

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pilgrimage church Neviges “Maria Königin des Friedens“

The pilgrimage church in the Velbert district of Neviges accommodates a congregation of 7,000 and is the second-largest church building north of the Alps.
The church was built on a slope, developed as a pilgrims’ way together with a perimeter development. The way leads to a huge forecourt of the church.
Inside the church, the pilgrims’ way is continued to the altar by the same paving as outside in the forecourt.
The vividness and sculptural monumentality of the building is striking indeed.
The asymmetrically folded pointed concrete roof and the seemingly seamless paving transition between forecourt and the interior lead to the association of a huge tent.
Inside, however, the main altar seems to be located at the heart of an expansive market square surrounded by the galleries like houses with many windows.

Author: Redaktion baukunst-nrw
Last changed on 23.07.2007


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