Municipal swimming pool (Schwimmoper)

Südstr. 29, 42109 Wuppertal

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1957/ 2007-10 (Sanierung)


pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG
Architekt Friedrich Hetzelt

Stadt Wuppertal
(initial building)
GMW Gebäudemanagement der Stadt Wuppertal

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Municipal swimming pool (Schwimmoper)

The Wuppertal Schwimmoper is a municipal swimming pool in Wuppertal. It was built in accordance with plans by architect Friedrich Hetzelt in 1955–1957. It got its nickname from the post-war discussions about whether the destroyed Barmen opera was to be re-built or a new opera built on Johannisberg – today’s site of the Schwimmoper (the swimming pool was built). The spectators’ stands, which somehow underscore the pool’s function as a hall for swimming competitions, are visible from the outside and are supposed to have inspired the nickname. Its striking exterior, the rolling lines and the many glass areas lend the building a very transparent and light impression, its obvious dimensions notwithstanding. The swimming hall has s span of 46m and with its stands accommodates 2,000 spectators. The south side is fully glazed. At the time of construction, the roof was a real novelty because it consists of a concrete shell curved on one-side whose bracings lead underneath the pool itself. The Schwimmoper has been listed since 1995. A renovation to be finished in 2010 started in 2007.

Auszeichnung guter Bauten 2010 (BDA Wuppertal), Auszeichnung

Author: Redaktion baukunst-nrw
Last changed on 15.10.2007


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