Verwaltungsgebäude Herta GmbH

aerial view Verwaltungsgebäude Herta GmbH


terraced structure

Verwaltungsgebäude Herta GmbH

Westerholter Str. 750-770, 45701 Herten



Architekt Stadtplaner Prof. Werner Ruhnau

Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth | Herta KG

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Verwaltungsgebäude Herta GmbH

The admin building of former Herta KG was finished in 1971. It was designed by Werner Ruhnau on an area of about 6,000 sq m on two floors and is consistently structured as an “air-conditioned landscape” that makes for good working conditions and a nice spatial experience.
The deliberate terracing of the areas, the avoidance of “hose-like” hallways in favour of “office paths” embodies the linkage of art and architecture.
The admin building is a two-storey, fully air-conditioned open plan building. The upper floor is an open plan office. The ground floor features special areas for visitors and facilities.
The open plan office upstairs is structured by the ground floor ceiling’s terracing, completed by two garden yards, one of which actually cuts through both floors. The roof’s terracing features continuous fanlights. The air space of both floors is linked by the staircase openings, the terrace vistas and the above-mentioned garden yard cutting through both floors.
The open plan building is, where required, structured by partitions. The entire facades are designed as mobile shells, broken down into closed and glazed areas. The glazed areas consist of room-high areas and also horizontal bands, which make for an uninterrupted view of the outside, no matter what your position.
The roof is a steel purlin roof on reinforced concrete supports. The facades are post-and-beam facades made of steel or light-metal panels made of enamelled steel sheet or plastic. The windows are made of heat-absorbing glass.

Author: Stadt Herten
Last changed on 16.04.2008


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