Grillo Theater

Theaterplatz 11, 45127 Essen

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1892 / 1950 / 1990


Architekt Stadtplaner Werner Ruhnau
(conversion in 1990)
Architekt Klaus Ulaszewski
(new design Cafe Central 2006 - architecture)
Innenarchitekt Martin Klein-Wiele
(new design Cafe Central 2006 - interior architecture)
Heinrich Seeling
(original building)

Friedrich Grillo

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Grillo Theater

Grillo-Theater is the municipal theatre in Essen and among the oldest in the Ruhr area. The neo-classical building and its Wilhelminian facade were severely damaged in WWII. After its reconstruction and re-opening in 1950, the new outer facade has shown a plain and straight design. The main facade is broken down into three parts, with the middle, the entrance part, in turn being broken down into three parts as well. The pink plaster facade is striking. Looking at the rear facade you get a feeling what the Wilhelminian design would have looked like. In 1988, the city planned to demolish the building for major defects, but they eventually opted for a renovation done by Werner Ruhnau. The reduction from 670 to 400 seats made for a variable venue for opera, dancing and drama. The large theatre stage forms the centre of the building and is completed by two studio stages, Casa and Box.

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