aerial view with the Seniorenstift und Kindergarten on the left side

Seniorenstift und Kindergarten "Horstmann Haus Ruhrort" Duisburg

Dr.-Hammacher-Straße 41, 47119 Duisburg

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2004 - 2006


Architekt Dipl.-Ing. Erasmus Eller | Eller + Eller Architekten GmbH

Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH

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Seniorenstift und Kindergarten "Horstmann Haus Ruhrort" Duisburg

The “Horstmann Haus Ruhrort“ old people’s home is part of an ensemble of buildings for Haniel in Duisburg-Ruhrort. The ensemble consists of an office building with a one-level underground car park, a health centre and the old people’s home with an integrated kindergarten.
The ensemble’s breakdown into three separate buildings and the deliberate avoidance of a continuous perimeter development made for the preservation of the historical road lines and a space-building edge along Dr.-Hammacher-Straße.
The three structures’ staggered westward arrangement connects the ensemble with the residential areas behind it. The old people’s home’s height continues the “Tausend-Fenster-Haus”, Medical- und Business-Center building line.
The L-shaped structure of the old people’s home’s main part is found at Dr.-Hammacher-Straße; the south-western part is semi-circular and opens up toward the park.
Through the central quad the core always receives natural light and is thus a very nice place to stay.
The facing of the old people’s home’s main areas is made of grey Italian sandstone and distinguishes the old people’s home’s functions from the two other buildings’ functions. The homogenous facade made of natural stone sort of anchors the heterogeneous appearance of the surrounding buildings. The deep-seated windows in the facades make for a 3D effect.
The closed joints and the grey basalt plinth integrating the entire site lend the building a monolithic character.
In the new “Horstmann-Haus“, disabled and non-disabled children attend an integrative municipal kindergarten, while on the other floors old people live in OAP-suitable flats.
The “Malteser” (a German charity), as operators of the old people’s home, want to improve the care given to stroke patients by employing a concept unique in Germany. While the home is, of course, an old people’s home, the stroke ward is also to admit people as young as 18 years of age.
The home is not closed off. It opens up to the park.

Auszeichnung guter Bauten 2006 (BDA Rechter Niederrhein), Auszeichnung

Author: Eller + Eller Architekten
Last changed on 15.01.2008


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