Double-arch bridge from a pedestrian’s POV

On the bridge, view of the canal platform (amphitheatre)

View of the arches from the bank of the canal; the canal platform is to the left

Arches in the twilight

Arches at night

Double-arch bridge, viewed from Schurenbachhalde (a tip)

One-arch bridge across the River Emscher

Double-arch bridge across Rhein-Herne Kanal

Fuß- und Radwegbrücken Nordsternpark

Lehrhovebruch / Nordsternpark, 45883 Gelsenkirchen

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Stefan Polónyi
PASD Architekten Feldmeier - Wrede

Bundesgartenschau 1997 GmbH

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Fuß- und Radwegbrücken Nordsternpark

The Zeche Nordstern pit for more than one hundred years separated the Gelsenkirchen districts of Horst and Heßler.
After the pit had been closed down, the site was re-designed for the Bundesgartenschau 1997 (a horticultural exhibition) and expressively designed bridges once again connected the afore-mentioned districts.
A total of five bridges combines the individual parts of the park, both with each other and with the districts surrounding it. Three of these bridges are tubular steel bridges.
The bridge across Rhein-Herne Kanal is the largest and is of a very impressive asymmetrical design. From a pedestrian’s POV, you can hardly see that the tubular steel arches painted in red do indeed run in parallel and at a right angle to the river bank.
The unusual silhouette results from the arrangement of the park’s main access axis, in whose direction the bridge’s footpath is also arranged diagonally to the Rhein Herne Kanal.
The 110m long bridge is made of steel in its entirety; the arches are 36m tall.

Renault Traffic Design Award 2001 (Deutsche Renault AG)

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