North tower with domed roof

General view with North Tower

General view at night

General view with glass annexe

Facade detail.

General view at night

Western view with entrance

outer bailey

extension with courtyard

extension with courtyard

interior view outer bailey

Schloss Horst

Turfstr. 21, 45899 Gelsenkirchen

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1552-1578 / 1995-1999


JOURDAN & MÜLLER Projektgruppe Architektur und Städtebau
Arnheimer Stadtbaumeister Arndt Johannsen to Boecop

Rütger von der Horst

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Schloss Horst

Schloss Horst with some former moated castle buildings erected in 1552 - 1578 plus outbuildings from the 19th century:
1. Three-storey entrance wing as the rest of the palace beneath a high, slated hipped roof. The street facade has lavishly ornamented window frames and a four-storey oriel on Bocksfüßler corbels with caryatids, cartouches and louvers. The courtyard facade is broken down by wide masonry columns, domed window arcades and figurine niches. Inside: huge vaults, differently ornamented portals and expensively decorated fireplace whose top shows a perspective presentation of the interior. In addition, a collection of fragments of the former buildings in a room on the ground floor.
2. Brick outbuildings on an L-shaped ground plan broken down by bands and arched friezes.

Author: Stadt Gelsenkirchen, untere Denkmalbehörde / Redaktion baukunst-nrw
Last changed on 26.09.2007


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