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Gerber Architekten

Wilo SE

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The outer shell’s technical appearance, metal-clad, sort of announces the use of the building: Micro-electronic products, previously procured from all over Europe, is now produced at the company’s own plant.
The annexe to the existing production shed allows an appropriate process without any expensive temporary storage. The market requirements obtaining in the high-tech sector also necessitate much flexibility inside the new production building. The support structure covers the production shed without support: Two pairs of girders with a span of 46m form cubic roof structures glazed to the north and letting in non-blinding daylight. The production process can thus be geared to individual requirements.
In some parts, the shed has two floors, with offices and meeting rooms on the upper floor, from whose access parts the production downstairs can be observed. The mostly closed facades notwithstanding, all work rooms receive daylight through horizontal light bands. On three sides of the ground floor, a continuous light band at eye-level underscores the aluminium-sheet facade’s horizontal structure.

Architekturpreis für vorbildliche Gewerbebauten 2002 (WestHyp-Stiftung, BDA), Anerkennung

Author: Gerber Architekten
Last changed on 05.01.2009


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Engineering » Structure

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