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Total projects: 483


In Corvarastrasse, the combination of single-family houses, contemporary architecture and good urban development has been so successful that visitors often come to the street just to look around. And the street is more than just a structural exhibit. The basic urban development plan to redesign this former nursery site envisaged a new street curving slightly from north to south, with a homogenous row of semidetached houses in cubic form on the west side providing a counterpoint for eight detached, individually-designed single-family houses opposite. The integrated development plan stipulated uniform spacing between buildings and between buildings and the street, as well as colour schemes and the choice of materials. Marketing of the halves of the semi-detached houses did not proceed as planned however, so these were replaced by detached, single-family homes that are still in keeping with the new neighbourhood’s intended qualities. These residential qualities seem to be greatly appreciated, particularly by experts; so far six architects have moved into little Corvarastrasse.
The design of the public street space is dictated by the treatment of rainwater, which is channelled through a central gulley into a rainwater retention basin designed to harmonise with nature. Rainwater draining from the houses to the southeast is channelled into the existing pond, as it was when the estate was still a nursery.

Author: Route der Wohnkultur
Last changed on 23.05.2023


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