Exhibition pavilion Turm by Erwin Heerich

Pforte von Erwin Heerich

Parlament of Anatol Herzfeld

Exhibition pavilion Schnecke by Erwin Heerich

Graubner-Pavillon by Erwin Heerich

Graubner-Pavilion by Erwin Heerich

museum Insel Hombroich

Minkel 2, 41472 Neuss



Prof. Erwin Heerich Landschaftsarchitekt Bernhard Korte

Stiftung Insel Hombroich

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museum Insel Hombroich

In the beginning, there was the idea of art collector Karl-Heinrich Müller to present his collection in decentralised exhibition pavilions in dialogue with the surrounding nature. In 1982, he found the right spot on the island of Hombroich, an overgrown park on the River Erft. Planned by the sculptor Erwin Heerich, the first construction stage saw three pavilions built, the Graubner one and the orangery among them. In 1984, Müller bought another plot, which was turned into a park and floodplain landscape by landscape architect Bernhard Korte, in which, in turn, more sculptural pavilions designed by Erwin Heerich were built. In collaboration with the artist Gotthard Graubner the exhibition concept was drawn up, which provides for a non-chronological and non-movemental presentation. Instead, classic Asian and modern European art is juxtaposed.
On the museum site, artists Gotthard Graubner and Anatol Herzfeld have their studios. In 1994, Karl-Heinrich Müller acquired the former NATO missile site near the museum island and had the buildings converted into exhibition buildings.

You will find more information at:
Europäisches Gartennetzwerk (eghn.org)

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