Langen Foundation / Hombroich

view over the water

Concrete core with glass shell

lateral view of the glass shell

building in the south

round building in the east

Langen Foundation / Hombroich

Raketenstation Hombroich 1, 41472 Neuss



Tadao Ando | Tadao Ando Architect & Associates

Stiftung Insel Hombroich

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Langen Foundation / Hombroich

The Langen Foundation’s exhibition building is comprised of two different parts: a longitudinal concrete building enveloped by a glass shell at 45 degrees to two parallel concrete blocks. The letter are plunged 6m deep and only 3m protrude from the ground, so that the ceiling height of 8m can only be experienced inside. Between the wings we have a staircase leading up to the park. The exhibition room inside the glass-cased concrete building accommodates the collection of Japanese art and at a length of 43m and a width of 5 is both massive and clearly structured. Daylight comes in through central ceiling slits. The other buildings house the temporary exhibition areas “Moderne” I and II. Both rooms have an area of 436 sq m each but do convey very different impressions: For the buildings, Tadao Ando used exposed concrete, glass and steel, his hallmark materials. The buildings are, drawing upon the history of the rocket station, surrounded by mounds. Only in the entrance area do these recede and make room for the mirror pond.

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