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Ruhrorter Str. / Schwanenstr., 47051 Duisburg

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Architekt Hans-Siegfried Persch

Stadt Duisburg

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In front of Schwanentor (~ gate) at the foot of Alter Markt there had always been a small bridge for pedestrians and the transportation of goods. In 1884, a drawbridge was built across the then Ruhr-Kanal, which hence has been renovated and widened a number of times.
Today’s Schwanentorbrücke with its four bridge towers is a lift bridge, built in 1950 according to plans by Persch. One tower accommodates the lifting system’s controls and the new footbridge’s hydraulic system. Due west, one can see the high-water barrier at Marientor with its Außenhafen (outer harbour) gate. It originates from 1844 and was renovated in 1926-29.
Außenhafen can be accessed via Marientorbrücke.
At Calais-Platz next to Schwanentorbrücke flat ramps lead down to the pier where Europe’s largest inland harbour’s tourist boats undock.
In the course of the renovation of Promenadenring around Innenhafen (inner harbour) this was renewed in 1995 by Foster & Partners 1995.
Between Schwanentor and Marientorschleuse (~ lock) in earlier times Oskar Maasberg traded in salt and Niederrheinische Holzwerke Faller manufactured flake boards.
Another tower of the city wall from the 13th to 14th century here reminds of the old Schwanentor.

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