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Rheinhauser Brücke (Brücke der Solidarität)

Moerser Str., 47198 Duisburg

1934 / 1950

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Deutsches Reich
Bundesrepublik Deutschland

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Rheinhauser Brücke (Brücke der Solidarität)

The four-lane car bridge built in 1934 at a span of 256m is the largest arch bridge across the River Rhine. It connects Rheinhausen and Duisburg-Hochfeld (formerly Admiral-Graf-Spee-Brücke). The entire costs amounted to almost 7m reichsmark.
In order to stop the Allies, in 1945 German soldiers blew up the bridge. In 1950, the now three-lane bridge was re-commissioned.
It has now been a few years that the lanes can be individually controlled by traffic lights. The bridge is 460m long, 8m high and has a main field width of 256m.
In 1988, striking Krupp workers renamed the bridge “Brücke der Solidarität“ (bridge of solidarity).

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