Immermannstrasse Residential Development

Immermannstraße, 44147 Dortmund



Latz + Partner (GbR)
(landscape architecture)
Büro Steidle und Schmitz

Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG (DSW21)

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Immermannstrasse Residential Development

Creative artists were the first to recognise the old tram depot’s potential for reuse, establishing a centre for art, handcraft and media there. This idea took shape as part of the IBA Emscher Park during development of an overall concept for the area to the north of Dortmund’s inner city, where four south-facing rows of houses were planned in addition to the tram depot conversion. The first thing to catch the eye today is the estate’s colour design. Its blue, green, orange and yellow paintwork has led to the complex being nicknamed the “parrot estate”. It’s a very appropriate name for the thoroughly dynamic residential neighbourhood that has taken shape here, with its gardens, nooks and playgrounds that also function as meeting points for residents. Open access to the flats via balconies and footbridges offers further opportunities for neighbourly encounters and interaction. The low-energy house standards and a storm water concept, which diverts rainwater into the gardens through troughs and filtration ditches, also serve to underline the ecological concerns incorporated into the estate’s construction.
Another special feature of this estate is the diversity of housing available. The 103 privately-financed flats are between 34 and 98 m² in size and fall into 15 different categories, ranging from flats of up to four rooms through to maisonettes. And the depot’s immediate surroundings provide an additional advantage: residents can use the neighbourhood workshop for projects and celebrations.

Author: Route der Wohnkultur
Last changed on 23.05.2023


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