Highrise Heiligegartenstrasse

Heiligegartenstraße 27, 44145 Dortmund

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1971, Modernisierung 2007-2008


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Highrise Heiligegartenstrasse

The clear exterior form of a residential highrise may conceal a complicated network of factors, structural and spatial as well as economic and organisational, which ensure that this form of housing continues to fulfil the demands of modern life. The success and the mismanagement of such a residential property may be closely related, as is evident from the example of the Dortmund Nordstadt district, where the residential highrises are all of a similar kind.
The DOGEWO21 housing association highrise at Heiligegartenstrasse 27 underwent comprehensive modernisation from 2007 to 2008 to make the building more energyefficient, with measures including insulating the facade, renewing the elevators, renovating the corridors and redesigning the entrance. At the same time this renovated, publicly-funded property became a visual symbol of the upvaluation process going on throughout the entire urban area. During the “northern lights” campaign, the building was one of those provided with a light installation featuring the illuminated lettering, “The sun rises in the north” on its eastern facade.
A highrise situated close to the DOGEWO21 building made headlines several years ago after it had been converted to freehold flats then ultimately had to be vacated. It is especially noteworthy however, that many of the residents moved out of this similar, neighbouring “house of horrors” and into Heiligegartenstrasse 27. The highrise’s residents are typical of Dortmund’s Nordstadt district and reflect the cultural diversity of this part of the city.

Author: Route der Wohnkultur
Last changed on 04.09.2017


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