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Haus Schede

Schede 3, 58313 Herdecke

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1804 / 1904

Art Nouveau

Architekt Peter Behrens
Architekt Henry van de Velde

Peter Nicolaus Harkort

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Haus Schede

Gut Schede, situated on the Ardeyhöhen, can be traced back to the 9th century. The manor consisting of a number of buildings is a good example of its kind. The old manor was renovated in the late 17th century. The old manor house is probably from that period.
Between 1804 and 1810 Peter Nicolaus Harkort (1755 - 1817) had entirely new buildings built on the Ardeykamm. Other than the barn, these displayed the new factory owners social status.
The building is a two-storey freestone building made of Ruhr sandstone. Karl Ernst Osthaus and Elisabeth Harkort, nee Funcke, knew each other well. In 1904 and 1905,the young lady had the interior of Haus Schede redecorated. Osthaus recommended the artists. During the art nouveau period, Henry von de Velde designed two rooms in the ornaments style: All features were included; the open fire, stucco ceiling, books, carpets, door and door frames. The doors, for example, are ca. 1800 on the outside, but art nouveau on the inside.
Based upon plans by Peter Behrens, then head of Kunstschule Düsseldorf (art college), in the north-western corner of the service wing a “"Blauer Salon" (blue salon) was added in 1904. This is characterised by its semi-circular window front, protruding from the corner over a cantilevered slab with a flat roof. In front of this window is a narrow continuous balcony with a hammered rail. Gut Schede is still owned by the Harkort family, who still live there and operate it.

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