Haus-Knipp-Eisenbahnbrücke in Duisburg

view over the Rhine

Haus- Knipp- Eisenbahnbrücke

Rheindeichstraße, 47198 Duisburg


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Haus- Knipp- Eisenbahnbrücke

The first railway bridge on Duisburg territory north of the Ruhrort ports was named after an old landmark of navigation on the Rhine, viz., the Haus Knipp mansion very nearby.
In 1939, Haus Knipp had to be demolished when the Rhine levies were raised.
When Haus-Knipp-Brücke was opened for traffic in 1912, it was a novelty since it was the first Duisburg bridge without pylons. And with a 186m main span, it also was the largest railway bridge on the Continent.
It has always mainly been a goods traffic bridge on the Neumühl - Meiderich Nord - Baerl line, with a connecting line to Hohenbudberg.
After having been destroyed at the end of WWII, British engineers helped to rebuild the bridge with it characteristic timber trusses.

Author: Route der Industriekultur/Editorial baukunst-nrw
Last changed on 18.09.2007


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