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Gründerzentrum und Gewerbestandort Arenberg


Horster Straße/Im Blankenfeld, 46238 Bottrop

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Büro Biefang
(conversion of pit-building)
Peter Freudenthal | LEG (Dortmund)
(pithead baths)
VSI Generalplaner GmbH & Co.KG
(engine shed, commercial building, annex)
Büro Drecker
(design of pit-place)

Verfürth | Stratmann | Komarek GbR
(engine shed, commercial building, annex)
Gründer- und Technologiezentrum (BGT) GmbH
LEG Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft NRW GmbH
(pithead baths)

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Gründerzentrum und Gewerbestandort Arenberg

The former Arenberg-Fortsetzung was once deemed a model pit before it was closed and for half a century nothing really happened on the site. The pit had been founded by Gewerkschaft Arenberg-Fortsetzung, which acquired a part of the Welheim pit in 1902 and started to bore a double pit in 1910. In 1912, the first coal was mined and in 1930 Zeche Prosper took over mining in the Arenberg-Fortsetzung field. In the 1970s, RAG re-activated the pit and had a new steel box brace pit frame for shaft 1 built. However, the re-activated pit didn’t last long. By 1981, the pit frame was demolished and both mine shafts filled.
Today, Arenberg-Fortsetzung again serves as a model. The site – surrounded by the old, freshly renovated pit wall – is seeing the development of a start-up and technology centre. The hot bed is the ensemble of preserved listed surface facilities: wage hall, pithead baths, fitter’s shop/forge and gate house.
The historicist wage hall with art nouveau elements is worth mentioning. It is a typical example of the industrial Wilhelminian architecture and is now used as a concert hall. The brick building was converted, now featuring an iron-glass roof.
The site is situated near the Batenbrock waste tip with the Tetraeder as a landmark.

See also Tetraeder

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