Malakow tower of the Zeche Prosper II

frontal view of the tower and the headframe

detail of the facade

round arched window

depiction of the tower at the gate

Malakow-Turm Zeche Prosper II

Knappenstraße, 46238 Bottrop

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Arenberg´sche Actiengesellschaft für Bergbau und Hüttenbetrieb

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Malakow-Turm Zeche Prosper II

One of the most interesting mining relics in the Ruhr area is from the founding years of Zeche Prosper: an expensively designed Malakow tower with polygonal corner towers and a crenellated cap.
In contrast to its “siblings” that with the technical development lost their purpose, the Prosper tower remained in operation. Around 1900, it got a retracted pit frame that was later replaced by a Koepe brace frame. The tower is still extant, one of a kind in the Ruhr area, and displays the development in mining technology and of the pit as such. After all, after 1982 almost all old facilities were demolished and Prosper II got modern buildings. This was necessary because the coal extracted in the northern fields here is brought to the surface – but not by means of a pit frame, but a “hoisting mountain” (Förderberg) commissioned in 1986. The pit coal is brought to the surface through a 21% steep tunnel of 3,653m from a depth of 779m. One of a kind, again, here in the Ruhr area!!
After washing, the lower belt returns the mining waste underground to be hoisted on the Franz Haniel pit and be brought to the nearby tip.

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