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Fernsehturm Florian

An der Buschmühle 33, 44130 Dortmund

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Architekt Will Schwarz

Stadt Dortmund

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Fernsehturm Florian

The city of Dortmund has long since had a symbol – TV tower Florian. The tower of an overall height of 220m was built on a foundation of eight metres in depth. At 133m there is a platform for service and engine rooms, above it the rotating café.
The tower’s history is closely linked with Westfalenpark’s and the first BUGA’s in 1959. The re-design of Westfalenpark in the course of the BUGA also envisaged a new park café and an observation tower. The competition was won by the Dortmund architect Will Schwarz, who combined the observation tower with a rotating café platform. Financially aided by Deutsche Bundespost, which operated the tower as a radio link system, and the Hoesch company, which donated steel and cement, the tower was erected in eleven months. With a height of 220m, at the time it was the tallest tower in Germany. Also the first of its kind was the rotating café at 150m, seating 120 people. Two express lifts brought the guests up to the observation deck above the café in less than a minute. Those suffering from a fear of heights could refresh themselves in a terrace café on the ground floor.
Even during construction, “Florian" had become a means of advertising and symbol of the city. However, it was difficult to find a name for it. A huge competition notwithstanding, none was found for quite a long time. Only many years later was the Dortmund landmark christened "Florian".

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