Head Office Raith

Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 8, 44263 Dortmund



Architekt Ulrich Drahtler | Planungsgruppe Drahtler GmbH

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Head Office Raith

The new RAITH GmbH admin and production building is the first private new investment in a building at the Phoenix West site.
When developing the concept, Planungsgruppe Drahtler took account of the guidelines set forth in the LEG Stadtentwicklung GmbH and City of Dortmund design handbook. This made for a complex of about 4,500 sq m of floor space. The final complex will have a floor space of about 7,000 sq m.
Along Konrad-Adenauer-Allee, we find a four-storey office structure. To its north, we find a one-storey lab and production area. The clear volumes of the structures are contrasted with striking facade colours. The smoothed material of the fibre cement and aluminium facades is deliberately contrasted with the powerful effect developed by the historical industrial plants nearby.

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