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Arena auf Schalke

After ‘Glückaufkampfbahn’ from the 1920s and ‘Parkstadion’ from the 1970s ‘Arena auf Schalke’, opened in August 2001, is Schalke 04’s third stadium.
It is located very near Parkstadion, which is still used for training, and is laid 17 m deep on 616 poles to avoid mining subsidence damage.
The stadium’s features of note are the opening roof and the movable pitch.
Moving the complete pitch completely means the lawn can recover, for one thing, and the reinforced concrete ground below can be used for concerts and other large events, for another.
Visibility and a good mood are guaranteed by the fact that there is only a ditch between the steep stands and the pitch.
The roof structure consists of space truss, whose removable transparent skin can be shifted to turn the stadium into an open-air venue.
The arena’s outer skin is a glass steel-aluminium curtain almost in its entirety.
Another special feature within the arena is Germany’s only stadium chapel.

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Last changed on 02.04.2007


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