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Front with municipal coat of arms

Altes Stadthaus

Kleppingstraße , 44137 Dortmund

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(kgl. )Baurat Friedrich Kullrich

Stadt Dortmund

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Altes Stadthaus

Altes Stadthaus Dortmund in Friedensplatz, across from the new town hall, was built in 1899 in the Neo-Renaissance style based upon plans by municipal building officer Friedrich Kullrich. Its design draws upon the design of the historical town hall in Alter Markt.
The four-storey Stadthaus has a clear facade hierarchy. On the ground floor, we find large three-part round arched windows, with the design variety decreasing on our way up the building. The individual floors are demarcated by ornamental bands. The front facade with an ornamental gable is very detailed indeed. It also features the eagle, the Dortmund coat of arms. Another design element is the red sandstone in conjunction with surfaces plastered in white.
After the damage sustained in WWII, the Stadthaus was restored and rebuilt. Between two windows on its west side, we find the Westphalian saying “So fast as düörpm“, (“So fest wie Dortmund“ = as solid as Dortmund).
The Berswordt hall from 2002 connects Altes und Neues Stadthaus.

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