Wasserturm Dortmund Südbahnhof

Heiliger Weg 60, 44135 Dortmund

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Architekten Schröder Schulte-Ladbeck
(conversion into office building)
Architekt M. Venner
Architekt H. Lehmann

Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft

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Wasserturm Dortmund Südbahnhof

The elevated water tank at the former railway depot Dortmund-Süd was built by the Reichsbahn between 1923 and 1927. Until the end of the 1950s, it supplied steam engines with boiler feed water taken from the public system. The tank consists of two concrete basins with a total capacity of 800 m³ and covers the upper third of the 43m building. Originally, the ground floor accommodated stores, while the seven upper floors housed dressing, washing, recreation rooms and a swimming pool and beds for train and depot staff and mechanics.
The Reichsbahndirektion Essen’s (regional railway admin) architects created a building in the expressionist style.
Behind the brick facade, is a reinforced concrete frame. The continuous cornices are merely ornamental. They break down the massive building and in combination with the wide lattice windows form a horizontal alignment, thus counteracting the vertical momentum of the tower. In the past, the annexe was one storey up and bore a ridge roof.
After the water tower had been vacant for quite some time, on the initiative of a private investor it was made into a creative house. The building was carefully renovated and turned into a retail and office building. The former water tank in the upper third is an exhibition, presentation and concert venue.

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