View from Alfred-Herrhausen-Straße

back view and other adjacent buildings

Entrance area in the east

Zahnmedizinisch-Biowissenschaftliches Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum Witten (ZBZ)

Alfred-Herrhausen-Str. 45, 58455 Witten



Heinle, Wischer und Partner, Freie Architekten

ZBZ Witten GmbH

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Zahnmedizinisch-Biowissenschaftliches Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum Witten (ZBZ)

The Zahnmedizinisch-Biowissenschaftliche Forschungs- u. Entwicklungszentrum Witten (ZBZ) not only houses parts of the dentistry department of Universität Witten-Herdecke but also start-up companies from its eponymous field.
The ensemble of four towers interconnects with the campus buildings and through the staggered arrangement of the cylinders is topographically fitting.
In the three taller towers, we find the treatment rooms and offices. The smaller tower forms the entrance and seminar area. The modular structure of the three tall horizontal towers is in line with the vertical lamella facade with storey-high windows. The smaller tower is encased by a homogeneous metal shell. The basic structure reflects the flexible use of the start-up centre.

Author: Heinle, Wischer und Partner / Editorial baukunst-nrw
Last changed on 21.09.2009


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