State theatre Detmold

State theatre Detmold

State theatre Detmold

State theatre Detmold

Theaterplatz 1, 32756 Detmold

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Architekt Bodo Eberhardt

Lippischer Theaterverein

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State theatre Detmold

Today’s Detmold state theatre with 600 performances p.a. is NRW’s largest of its kind. It was built on the foundations of the former Hochfürstliches Lippisches Hoftheater from 1825, which burned down in 1912. Reconstruction was started even in WW I. After four years, the new theatre designed by architect Bodo Eberhardt was opened. The new building was funded by Lippischer Theaterverein, a civic association.

In terms of structural qualities only, the state theatre was not damaged during WW II. However, Landestheater Detmold, just like all other theatres in Germany, was closed by order of the Nazis in September 1944. Performances only recommenced in 1952; from 1949 it had accommodated the British military government.

The positive pattern over the following years meant that there was no longer enough space to rehearse and perform. It was thus decided that an expansion was due, which was finished in 1970 and included lavish rehearsal rooms, an admin wing admin, storage rooms and a ballet hall. The latter provided the opportunity to let the huge audience also see dance performances. Initial financial problems were overcome and the Landestheater Detmold became the largest of its kind.

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