Railway viaduct Altenbeken

Adenauerstr., 33184 Altenbeken

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Railway viaduct Altenbeken

The railway viaduct runs along the western edge of Altenbeken over the River Beke valley. The structure was inaugurated in 1853 and has a length of 482m and a width of 35m.
It consists of 25 stonewalled coquina arches with a clear width of 15.7m each. It is deemed the largest lime malm bridge in Europe and is now listed.
For the foundation of the viaduct’s columns in the non-bearing and wet underground, 8m long beech wood pylons were driven into the ground. This has provided stability for 150 years now. For construction, the entire structure was scaffolded in wood to bear horse carts which delivered the lime stones weighing up to 1,500kg.
The scaffold cost 89,000 talers, the entire structure 529,000 talers, which occasioned King Friedrich Wilhelm IV to say at the inauguration: “And I thought I would find a golden bridge here, given these costs...”
This golden bridge can now be found in Altenbeken’s coat of arms.
In WW II, was heavily damaged and then reconstructed in consideration of its historical design.

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