IdeenBotschaft Innenraum

Platz der Ideen 1, 40476 Düsseldorf

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Innenarchitektin Uta Cossmann Innenarchitektin Claudia de Bruyn

GREY Global Group GmbH Germany

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IdeenBotschaft Innenraum

Three listed buildings of the former Ulanenkaserne are extended by an additional structure and converted into the new head office of the advertising agency GREY, the „IdeenBotschaft”.
The inspiring interior architecture represents the agency group with about 600 employees as an inventive, visionary community. Its essential, functional and yet poetic design denies the common, established images but still expresses strength, reliability and excel-lence.
Traditional building materials such as concrete, mottled steel or industrial felt are rededicated to interior design and juxtaposed to innovative products with unusual characteristics. Lively spaces have been created with a beautiful, selfevident presence. Their timeless vocabulary as well as the use of durable materials and the high quality of details contribute to the sustainability of the design. Moreover, the interior architecture meets economical and ecological demands through local manufacturing, short ways of transportation and recycling possibilities.
Floating connections between the agencies support, creative processes. Layouts for teamwork have been developed and various surfaces to sketch and present ideas are integrated into the design. Thus, the new design of the agency conveys not only the image of creativity and innovation, it also encourages new ideas. There is a vivid interplay of everything: form, material and function.

Author: two-design
Last changed on 12.10.2009


Interior Architecture » Recreation/Cultural

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