General view with the townscape

General view with the Rhine

Oberkasseler Brücke

Oberkasseler Brücke, 40213 Düsseldorf

1959 - 1976


Hans Grassl
Stadtbaurat Friedrich Tamms
Prof. Fritz Leonhardt | Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner

Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Land Nordrhein-Westfalen

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Oberkasseler Brücke

Oberkasseler Brücke was opened in 1976. Just like the other bridges of the family it is a cable-stayed bridge, which through its slender design gives a filigree and dynamic impression. Theodor-Heuss-Brücke’s stream bridge has a length of 614m and a max. span 257m. It is 35m wide and has two lanes in each direction plus a parallel foot and cycle path in each direction. A free-standing 104m pylon bears the steel cables on which the flat steel structure of the bridge girder is hung. The bridge was built from October 1969 47m upstream of the temporary bridge, which carried the traffic during construction. In 1973, the new bridge did and the temporary bridge was demolished. In 1976, the entire Oberkasseler Brücke was shifted 47m to the site of the original bridge. The shifting of the 12,700t bridge was done by hydraulic presses and lasted 12hrs 47min.

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