Haus Beckmann-Mebus

Haarstraße 201a, 44797 Bochum

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TOR 5 Architekten BDA

Andrea Beckmann-Mebus und Frank Mebus

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Haus Beckmann-Mebus

The new abode of a family of four is an expanded and converted stable in the area of outstanding natural beauty south of Ruhr-Universität Bochum. The ensemble is not over the top, but the archetypical design of the new house rather underscores the existing structure. The ground floor was developed from the existing building on whose foundations the entire new concept rests. Here we now find the family’s bedrooms.
The family life’s new centre is to be found in the extra upper floor with an open kitchen, dining and living room. Its panorama window sort of connects the upper floor with the surrounding landscape. The change of seasons is thus made part of the family’s daily routines.
In contrast to the solid ground floor, the extra storey is a timber frame structure. Both structures are combined by additional thermal insulation systems and thus make for the house’s appearance.
The 3l house has a TVP device, a 1,000l heating support tank, waste heat recovery controlled ventilation and geothermal energy changers, plus a chimney with an independent air supply that underscores this house’s atmosphere.

Auszeichnung guter Bauten 2006 (BDA Bochum), Anerkennung

Last changed on 26.10.2009


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