Hammer Park

Dorstener Straße 135-151, 44809 Bochum



Louis Werner Buderus ARC Cologne


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Hammer Park

Sometimes the modification of current housing to meet the current and future demands of residential life requires radical solutions. Despite their prime location in the urban area of Bochum, the 90 flats contained in rows of houses built in the 1950s had ultimately lost their allure. Instead of a thorough modernisation of these buildings, demolition and the construction of new quality housing proved to be the better solution, especially combined with an emphasis on urban development as well as the creation of new and attractive residential surroundings.
The four-storey, street-side construction has a neutralising effect on the noise from Dorstener Strasse. The rear of the building looks out over inner courtyards towards Hammer Park. Living areas were also deliberately oriented towards the peaceful courtyard. Gardens, terraces and balconies enhance the quality of the residential environment. A commercial tower at the corner acts as a prominent symbol of the new neighbourhood.
A total of 85 flats were built, partly with social housing funding provided by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and partly with private financing. 24 of these flats were created to be barrier-free for the elderly and include presence simulation, fire detection systems and a 24-hour emergency service. There is also a townhouse containing seven private flats. Hammer Park now offers housing for all ages and a wide diversity of living situations. The residential surroundings, created with particular attention to detail, with their meeting places and gardens for tenants, and the adjacent public parks ensure that people feel comfortable in their new neighbourhood.

Author: Route der Wohnkultur
Last changed on 12.04.2023


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