Forum und Rathaus Castrop-Rauxel

Europaplatz 1, 44575 Castrop-Rauxel

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1966 - 1976


Dissing+Weitling arkitektfirma a/s
Architekt Arne Jacobsen

Stadt Castrop-Rauxel

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Forum und Rathaus Castrop-Rauxel

Forum und Rathaus Castrop-Rauxel (forum and town hall) was based upon the plan to combine the local authority with cultural and sports venues.
Above an underground car park, the buildings are arranged in two opposite lines and thus border the ca. 250m long forum.
The northern wing is a uniform block, broken down in five parts and with a facade of pre-cast vertical elements with a red brick lining.
The five-storey building with an extending access balcony accommodates the local authority departments.
The multi-functional council chamber with a suspended roof, slanted toward the forum, is not part of the administrative building.
In front of the three-part southern structure, we find the multi-functional Stadthalle, Europahalle and a restaurant.
Both the Stadthalle, with its conference centre and seat of Westfälisches Landestheater, and the Europahalle feature elegant suspended roofs, just like the council chamber.

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