Einfamilienhaus in Witten

Universitätsstraße 83, 58455 Witten

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Architekt Dipl.-Ing. Edgar Kallinowski

Fritsch / Kallinowski

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Einfamilienhaus in Witten

The property is sandwiched between the cities of Bochum and Witten. The solitary building does not require any connection with the rather heterogeneous buildings around it. Only the road-lining orientation draws upon its surroundings.
The property, resulting from a straightening of the road, in its northern part is encumbered with line rights. Buildings are not permitted here. This led to the idea of the courtyard in front of the building, forming a sort of space of its own.
The house was designed as the home for the own family of four. It also houses a small architect’s office. The design evolved from the desire to accommodate community and individuality in family life. This finds expression in the rows of rooms and the externally perceivable layering of the structure. The light-plastered ground floor is where the family lives, both inside and outside. In the dark-grey-plastered upper floor we find the individual rooms and bedrooms. The building is capped by a storey lined by larch wood and featuring an almost fully glazed office with a roof terrace.
The layering of the functional areas aside, the individualised window openings are the building’s only design feature.

Auszeichnung guter Bauten 2004 (BDA Rechter Niederrhein), Anerkennung

Author: Edgar Kallinowski
Last changed on 01.06.2021


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