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Bus terminal and bus stops

In the course of the redesign of the main bus line in downtown Neuss
three new bus stops were built. The central role is played by the bus terminal “Zolltor“, planned for eight articulated buses with a central platform.
Four-part prop bundles are the terminal’s characteristic basis. Between them, we have partial spaces for individual segments of two stops each at opposite sides of the platform. In the middle of each segment there is a service box that formally combines all facilities like benches, ticket machines, display cases with time tables, loudspeakers and waste paper baskets.
The box girders are above the road. This shifting of the structural mass guarantees maximum transparency above the bus terminal, which becomes very important when buses are parked all around the platform.
The roofing is 7.5 x 95m. Six prop bundles bear two continuous box girders of 95m each. They are welded to thin steel sheets, made slim by being tapered at the outer edge.
They are frame and weather protection at the same time. Their upper side forms the roof drainage system. Inside we find the drain pipes and electrical facilities.
The frame’s design and details make for a reduced structure.
The two stops for “Niedertor” and “Neustraße” are facing each other at the edge of the road. In accordance with the stop’s importance the structure can be shortened or extended. This is a prototype with which other downtown stops can be equipped successively.

Author: Wichmann Architekten & Ingenieure
Last changed on 05.03.2021


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