AWO-Seniorenzentrum in Duisburg

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AWO Seniors’ Centre

Philosophenweg 15, 47051 Duisburg

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Altenheimstiftung der SSK Duisburg

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AWO Seniors’ Centre

Attractive housing for the elderly was deliberately incorporated into the new residential quarter at Duisburg’s inner harbour. This created a good mixture among different groups of residents from the outset, with elderly residents in particular given the opportunity to live life to fullest while avoiding all rush and chaos.
Built in 1998, the seniors’ centre provides 82 single-room flats and 12 day-care places. The building was explicitly designed to blend in with the architecture of the new residential buildings at the inner harbour and not project the typical image of a home for the elderly. The choice of construction materials reflects the building’s historic surroundings.
This exemplary institution for the elderly is equipped to accommodate the disabled and explicitly targeted to meeting the residential and lifestyle needs of senior citizens. The facility is planned on the principle of the neighbourly residential group and offers residents a wide range of possibilities for individually structuring their daily lives. They for instance can choose between fully-catered meals at the in-house restaurant, dining in the living area or eating in their own flat. They can explore the area around the canals, spend time in the Altstadtpark or reach the inner city by bus in just a few minutes. In 2003 another complex was opened which also features flats specifically designed for elderly residents, who can also take advantage of the many services offered by the seniors’ centre.

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