inner port housing, Duisburg

Stresemannstraße/Hansegracht, 47051 Duisburg

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Architekt Fritz Auer | Auer + Weber + Partner

Duisburger Gemeinnützige Baugesellschaft AG

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inner port housing, Duisburg

Duisburg Innenhafen, with its co-existence of historic buildings under a preservation order and modern architecture, is certainly one of the most notable architectural destinations in the Ruhr area. It was in this context that “NF1” developed, a block of 68 rented flats.
The longitudinal structure forms the northern border of the perimeter block development and follows the bent road.
The structure is broken down into individual units by eight glazed staircases slightly pushed back. The use of iron-grey clinker and lavish glass panes lends the building an elegant appearance.
The almost full glazing to the south makes for rooms flooded by light which blend with the off-lying open areas. Shade is provided by the continuous terraces and outside lamellar structure. The size of the flats, in part maisonettes, varies from 54 to 134 sq m.
This is a very good example of up-to-date housing at an interesting location.

Award: Vorbildliche Bauten in Nordrhein-Westfalen 2005 (Land NRW/Architektenkammer NRW) [Exemplary buildings in North Rhine – Westphalia 2005; Land NRW/chamber of architects NRW]

Exemplary buildings in North Rhine – Westphalia 2000; Land NRW/chamber of architects NRW

Author: Editorial baukunst-nrw


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