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Zentrale Haltestelle "Neue Mitte Oberhausen"

Alte Walz, 46047 Oberhausen

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Wörzberger | Wörzberger Ingenieure Gesellschaft mbH
(structural design)
Brigitte und Christoph Parade | parade architekten gmbh

Stadtwerke Oberhausen AG (STOAG)

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Zentrale Haltestelle "Neue Mitte Oberhausen"

In the course of the “Neue Mitte Oberhausen“ design, the site of the former Gutehoffnungshütte, wasteland since the early 1990s, was converted: A former freight rail track was converted into a public transport track with bus and tramway routes connecting the new centre with central Oberhausen.
For that track, a new stop was built between “Arena Oberhausen“ and “Centro“.
With its spectacular architecture, reminiscent of a chaotic heap of rubble, this stop is a landmark within the surrounding shopping architecture.
The roof sculpture is borne by steel pipes and beams.
Metal roof slates and seemingly hovering facades made of glass form the platform’s shell.
Beneath the platform, we find the solid-construction customer centre.

Preis Preis des Deutschen Stahlbaus 1998 (bauforumstahl, DSTV), Auszeichnungdes Deutschen Stahlbaus 1998, Auszeichnung
Exemplary buildings in North Rhine – Westphalia 2000; Land NRW/chamber of architects NRW

Author: Editorial baukunst-nrw
Last changed on 08.12.2008


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