Sanierung und Erweiterung Kreishaus Unna

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 17, 59425 Unna

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agn Niederberghaus & Partner GmbH
(Umbau, Erweiterung, Sanierung)
Graf Hans Praschma
Architekt Erich Morgenroth

PBKU Projekt- und Betriebsgesellschaft Kreishaus Unna GmbH

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Total projects: 483

Sanierung und Erweiterung Kreishaus Unna

The complex of buildings from the 1960s (built by Morgenroth and Graf Praschma) was converted and extended into a user-friendly admin building.
The relocation of the conference area from the inside into a pavilion facing the large Stadtplatz (a square) and the creation of two roofed atriums as light-flooded rotation centres conveys the complex’s citizen-friendliness in structural terms as well.
The new ground-level circular hall with its large glass front shows a citizen-friendly orientation without. A well coordinated lighting concept, colourful glass elements and other details shape the buildings’ identity.

Auszeichnung guter Bauten 2007 (BDA Hamm-Unna-Beckum), Anerkennung

Author: Britta Tomaske / Editorial baukunst-nrw
Last changed on 11.06.2008


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