Eggetunnel in Lichtenau

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Bahnhofstr., 33165 Lichtenau



Beton - und Monierbau GmbH

Deutsche Bahn AG

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The Eggetunnel is a 2,880m tunnel crossing the Eggegebirge. It was built between 1996 and 2003 and replaced an aboveground line. A tunnel had already been started in 1879, but its construction turned out to be too expensive. Instead, an aboveground line was built, but this only allowed medium speed and was also destroyed by a number of landslides. When planning to turn the Dortmund-Kassel-Chemnitz line into a high-speed connection, it was economically more viable to build a new tunnel than to redevelop the old line. The Eggetunnel’s tube is 12.73m wide and 7.81m high. The maximum mountain height above the tunnel’s upper edge is 58m. There are two emergency exits. The new line Eggequerung is 12.8km long and allows a speed of 200km/h.

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