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Total projects: 483

Pusteblume Zentrum

The Cologne centre for exercise, relaxation, dance and theatre was supposed to get a second site. Pusteblume wanted unique rooms reflecting its spirit. There is a huge variety of courses, like yoga and children’s dances and senior citizens’ gymnastics, thus addressed at “normal” people, not the “rich and beautiful”.
The colour concept was part of the plans from the very beginning. It features bright colours. Clear fields of blue, pink, green and white, both harmonious and contrasting, create unique atmospheres and distinguish the rooms from each other. Pink shimmers violet and has an almost psychedelic effect. A jointless blue epoxy floor penetrates all areas. Photographs like the large-scale beaming child’s face are placed in a targeted fashion and represent the “normal” Pusteblume, which is no “lifestyle gym”.
The interplay of being on a trip of colours and the soft shades in the seminar rooms creates some tension. Sand shades, a discreet light-blue, wooden surfaces and a lot of daylight underline the atmosphere of calmness and concentration. Blurred dandelion images and a sculptural wall of gymnastics balls provide the right setting.
The balanced lighting concept is inexpensive and effective. The room-defining elements are essential. The additional and carefully chosen furniture is used economically.

Author: 100% Interieur / Silvia Leydecker
Last changed on 03.09.2007


Interior Architecture » Recreation/Cultural

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