Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum, view from rhine

facade view Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum


Rheinauhafen 1, 50687 Cologne

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Architekt / Stadtplaner Dipl.-Ing. Walter von Lom | Walter von Lom Planungs GmbH

Stadt Köln

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In close proximity to the chocolate museum and in the context of the conversion of Rheinauhafen to a leisure, housing and office estate, in the 1990’s another museum was established on this spit of land.
The substance of the old customs hall 10 was to remain discernable, while at the same time a modern museum architecture was to be developed.
The careful completion of no longer existing parts of the building reminds one of the historical forms of the old customs hall. The reconstruction of the roofscape is very striking. The two-storey longitudinal building at its four corners and its centre got prominent superstructures. The roof also accommodates a football pitch and a tennis court.
Inside, the original architecture of the two-storey hall and its window and wall design have been kept visible. The use of steel and glass for the new parts is also in line with the original industrial architecture’s character. The upper floor accommodates the permanent exhibition, The opened ceiling and a continuous gallery form a visual connection to the lobby and cafeteria on the ground floor.
The exhibition and action area’s total is approx. 2,000 sq m. The permanent exhibition on the upper floor shows 2,500 years of sports history, from the first Olympics to modern competitions. The gallery is a kind of circular walk guiding the visitors through the presentations and various subject matters.
The built-in exhibition architecture is transparent to keep the old custom hall’s structure visible.

Author: Simone Mergen (koelnarchitektur) / Editorial baukunst-nrw
Last changed on 25.02.2021


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