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Total projects: 483

Museum MARTa

The name is made up of the initial letters of the German words Möbel (M), Kunst (ART) and Ambiente (a) (furniture, arts, ambience) and is to trigger impetus in the arts, in design, architecture and business.
The complex consists of four parts: the competence centre and admin in an old building and in the new building the forum and event room, the cafeteria and the exhibition area.
The sculptural new building is made of the red clinker so typical for the region and has no windows facing the street. Out of the twined structure emerge large funnels which provide the museum’s exhibition area with light and at the same time sort of stage the one-storey space within.
The wavy stainless steel roof upfolds above the entrance like an entrance sign. The museum’s logotype here is punched out so that it is projected onto the ground when the sun is shining.

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Last changed on 08.12.2023


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