Kulturzentrum Kurhaus Bad Hamm

Kulturzentrum Kurhaus Bad Hamm

Kulturzentrum Kurhaus Bad Hamm

Kurhaus Bad Hamm

Kulturzentrum Kurhaus Bad Hamm

Ostenallee 86, 59071 Hamm

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Architekt Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Klaus Kehrbaum | Kehrbaum Architekten BDA

Stadt Hamm

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Kulturzentrum Kurhaus Bad Hamm

The City of Hamm’s house of arts and culture is used in various ways. Originally designed as a theatre and dance hall, the town at one point expected too much from its functionality.
Concerts, plays and dances were to be performed in a newly developed cultural centre, as were galas, conferences and meetings to be held there.
A clear concrete and glass design features high-quality surfaces and top spatial quality. It is very multifunctional and features top technical equipment.
The stage’s position, seats and auditorium can be flexibly changed.
The entire hall can be darkened within seconds by triggering huge fold-away blinds.
Its capacity is variable: The foyer, the scenery and storage area can be turned into an extra auditorium, making for a total capacity of 1,000 people.
Other than the large hall, there is also a small one.
This has no natural light, and its special charm is an ideal platform for jazz, comedy or other small events.
This “black box” is also used as a dressing room for the large productions.
The new cultural centre entertains a successful symbiotic relationship with the old Kurhaus, which with its historic hall of mirrors, conference rooms and a restaurant can still be visited by culturally or gastronomically minded visitors in and to Bad Hamm.

Auszeichnung guter Bauten 2003 (BDA Hamm-Unna-Beckum), Auszeichnung

Author: Kehrbaum Architekten
Last changed on 24.08.2023


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