Küppersbusch Siedlung housing development

Küppersbusch Siedlung housing development

Two-storey court

Küppersbusch Siedlung housing development

Lentil-shaped square

Aerial view Siedlung Küppersbusch


Küppersbuschstr., 45883 Gelsenkirchen

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1990 - 1996


Karla Kowalski
Architekt Michael Szyszkowitz

Stadt Gelsenkirchen

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After the urbanistic realisation competition 1990 within the framework of the IBA Emscher Park, one of the largest new housing estates of the 1980’s and 1990’s in the Ruhr area was developed on the former Küppersbusch site.
Approx. 260 flats of various sizes aside, this includes an integrative nursery and shops and commercial premises.
The total number of building developers involved in this project of consistent architectural quality was seven. The overall volume of 17 hectares is broken down in three court-like parts. The height of the buildings ranges from two storeys within these green courtyards to four storeys on the edges. The individual groups of houses are disparate in their design.
At the centre we find a lentil-shaped square. This is both a playground and an open space but also a soakaway for the rainwater discharged from the roofs above ground.

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