Inter-generational building and living

Am Tremoniapark 53, 44137 Dortmund



Architektin Dipl.-Ing. Ursula Komes

WohnreWIR Tremonia GbR c/o Michael H. Urban

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Total projects: 483

Inter-generational building and living

Inter-generational living close to the inner city among active, dependable neighbours is now a reality at the former Tremonia coal mine site to the west of Dortmund. As early as 1998 interested parties had joined forces to form an organisation called W.I.R. – Wohnen – Innovativ – Realisieren (implement innovative living) to support community-oriented living concepts. After many years of preparation the first project, “WohnreWIR”, finally took shape in 2001.
The result is a triangular complex of four terrace houses, 16 flats, a community centre and a tower housing the elevator for all the buildings. The inner courtyard, visible from all the flats and equipped with spacious play and recreation areas, is the social hub of the complex. A community centre, 60 m² recreation room, shared bicycle and work cellar and a guest flat provide space for communal leisure activities, celebrations, everyday mutual assistance and the handling of any incidental jobs that need doing around the estate. One third of the residents are over 55 years old, one third are singles or couples under 55, and the rest are families with children. The first housing project was still underway when a second building group joined the organisation. The “wir_auf_ tremonia” residents moved in in 2006. Great importance was placed not only on neighbourly cooperation and interaction, but also on high ecological standards in this project. The building also features a “green roof” and a photovoltaic system. A third W.I.R. e.V. project (developed in cooperation with the Dortmund Spar und Bauverein) has already been completed in Dortmund Brünninghausen and further projects, including one on lake PHOENIX, are currently in planning.

Author: Route der Wohnkultur
Last changed on 23.05.2023


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