Hotel and office building at Hohenzollernring

Hohenzollernring / Flandrische Straße, 50672 Cologne



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Hotel and office building at Hohenzollernring

The new complex at the artery Hohenzollernring opposite Rudolfplatz finished in summer 2003 is an ensemble combining event gastronomy, a hotel and a world of virtual games under one roof. While the existing hotel was extended for more than one block as far as Flandrische Straße by new and renovated parts, at the Ring the building presents itself with a glass façade.
The transparent façade, moveable along the entire entrance area, provides a real insight into the building’s interior. Characterised by metropolitan entertainment, four open plan floors accommodate a world of leisure activities consisting of a playhouse, restaurants and pubs and an Internet café plus billiard and dart clubs. The ring front is livened up by scattered cubes emerging from the façade. These serve as peepholes for mutual visual contact between the interior and the exterior.
An exposed and integral part of the design of the façade is the media wall, arranged vertically along four floors. When it is dark, videos by graduates of the Cologne Arts College for the Media and by other artists are shown on this translucent screen of 13 x 2.6 metres. The owners, the City and the Arts College have agreed to change the media façade’s programme on a quarterly basis.

Author: Yola Thormann (koelnarchitektur) / Editorial baukunst-nrw
Last changed on 06.03.2007


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